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Delphix Terraform Provider


The Delphix Terraform provider allows devOps teams to automate the creation of infrastructure and data environments.
The Delphix provider will enable users to create and delete virtual databases on-demand through Terraform native commands.

With Terraform Provider for Delphix, we are bringing the simplicity of Infrastructure as code into the database provisioning process.
By sharing parameters such as IP addresses, VPCs, and ports, a Terraform script can automatically identify the inter-dependencies
between the data and infrastructure layers and build AppDev/QA environments with the execution of a single command.

Delphix customers have created multiple automation projects by combining Infrastructure as code tools with Delphix.
Some have parameterized Terraform scripts to create self-service portals for data-ready environments.

These are used by application development teams to request an on-demand environment to start their development cycles.

Others have embedded Terraform-Delphix scripts into their CI/CD pipeline so whenever a commit is triggered in source control,
the infrastructure and test database used in regression or integration testing are created on demand.

The auto-deletion and recycling of capacity is also a critical step that is also handled by the Delphix Terraform provider.

Getting Started

For install and configure instructions, please visit Terraform Provider for Delphix
For detailed documentation, please visit Delphix Terraform Provider docs.


  • Delphix Continuous Data Engine(s) installed and configured.
  • Terraform Provider for Delphix requires Delphix Control Tower (DCT) APIs.
    For more information on how to get access to DCT APIs, please reach out to your Delphix Account Team or contact us via Delphix Community Portal.
    For information on how to get started with DCT APIs, visit DCT Home

  • Terraform must be installed and configured. For more information, please refer to Terraform documentation.


For any questions, bugs, or feature requests contact us via Delphix Community Portal.